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Your Source for Never-Ever Foods & CBD/CBG Products! Never GMO's. Never Chemicals. Never Antibiotics. Never Growth Hormones!

Spicy Soup

 Mid-America Food Hub and Training Center, LLC is a small Woman-Owned food hub that sells Dried Shelf-Stable Foods and CBD/CBG products. Our staff is comprised of our farmers, minority individuals, released offenders, local farm women, and high-end chefs, all joined together as a team of committed people to supply the highest quality, nutrient-dense foods ever. 


Our farmers are concerned that with all the disasters and climate crisis, food will become in short supply.  They are committed to using Climate Smart farming methods. We grow our own meats with no antibiotics, no growth hormones, and no GMO feeds.  Many of our vegetables, fruits, and CBD and CBG stains of Hemp are certified organically; if not, we ensure that they are grown with no harsh pesticides or GMOs.  The seasonings and additional ingredients are sourced organically to ensure that you only have the healthiest products! 



​​ Our small business processing facility is FDA and USDA-FSIS inspected!  We believe in producing our products as food safe as possible! Our shelf-stable packaged foods and CBD/CBG products can last up to two years in our mylar-sealed packages and up to 20 years in our sealed PBA-Free bulk plastic reusable buckets.   We grow it!  We process it!  We package it!  Straight from our farms to you.


Mid-America Food Hub is committed to teaching everyone how to grow and store their own foods.  They are a US Department of Labor accredited Apprenticeship Trainer, offering Horticultural Specialist training (including Hemp production, Hydroponic production, Gravitational Gardening, and greenhouse management). We also offer Food Safety HACCP and Quality Assurance post-harvest handling. 


For those who are not interested in pursuing a full apprenticeship program, we offer 1–2-day workshops on gardening skills, and food preservation skills including Canning, Dehydrating, and Freeze-Drying your foods; pie and bread-making skills.  Come join us for a fun weekend of wine-tasting and skill-building!  

Dried Soups and Entrees Offering Traditional, Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Hemp Based Foods.

When you try our dehydrated soups and entrees, you will wonder why no one else has done this!  Our foods are comprised of Missouri Grown pasture-raised beef, chicken, and pork.  The vegetables are picked fresh from chemical-free, non-GMO Missouri farms.  Our chefs have created our mouthwatering menus- we dry the foods immediately to seal in freshness and package them in shelf-stable packaging. 

Our latest exciting development is a new partnership with a generational Italian Pasta maker to acquire his signature pastas and marinara sauces created from Hemp. You just have to taste them to really know what you have been missing.

Everyone should have some of these on their shelves for when you don't want to spend the time shopping, prepping and cooking!

Aronia Berries.jpg

Sue Baird's grandmother was Native American.  Learning from her grandmother taught Sue to cherish wild crops and native Missouri berries.

Partnering with Dr. Nadia Tindell- Navarrete from El Salvador, we have created specialty foods using Nettles, Wild Leeks, Wild Onions, Lambs Quarter, Wild Plums, Acorns, etc.


Try our dried Elderberries, Aronia Berries, and Blackberries for the highest antioxidant berries in the world- grown and harvested right here in Missouri.   



Our drink mixes are packaged in pint Mason Fruit Jars, ready to be rehydrated and mixed with your favorite beverage.  Cheers!

Mamba and Peacemakers size_edited.jpg

Sue Baird has been a long-time organic advocate.  She became interested in Hemp CBD when she had serious hip problems.

She now grows 4 varieties for differing health needs:

  • Cherry Wine CBD- Indica- for stress and sleep disorders; 

  • PeaceMaker CBD- Sativa- for energy, focused mind, and pain relief;

  • Mamba- CBG- Diabetes control, and general healing

  • Lavender CBG- Wow!  The health properties of this strain are unbelievable.


We offer Tinctures, Balms, Gummies and Tea mixtures. For traditional intake we also offer Buds, and Pre-Rolls.

We also offer Hemp Butters, Oils, Hemp Flour & Pastas for you to create your own CBD/ CBG foods.

All products are lab tested so you are assured to get what you pay for!

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